jean shrimpton, I feel the same about fame, but I’m not famous.

An iconic figure of the fashion world is Jean Shrimpton. She is reminiscent of the swinging 60s and being responsible for introducing the mini skirt to Australia those many years ago at the Melbourne Cup.… Continue reading

art of jim

Jimi: whoever did this should only do more and more of it. I wonder if he would have liked it ^^

‘she is like a bird of paradise’- f.scott fitzgerald

I like Fitzgerald’s quote. It’s pure and so very accurate. I think it captures Janis’ soul, music and stage personality which I hope is her real personality. If it doesn’t, this tumblr about… Continue reading

The Number 27

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When you think about it, in our world everything is based on numbers. They are involved at a base level in the creation and construction of… everything. Certain numbers…

fame, time and montages

Some famous romances can captivate the world. Paparazzi are paid to stalk them. People buy magazines to own a part of them. People become enamoured. People become obsessed. This is how it is.… Continue reading

Fashion and the Music Industry: policies/ expectations/terms and conditions

I am comparing the music and fashion based on reasons we probably already know but accidentally forget to remember. The world would be stagnant in the absence of fashion and music. The world… Continue reading

The Journals of Kurt Cobain: Privacy don’t matter.

It’s not that rare anymore that privacy is sacrificed in the media to accommodate the art of sharing, to bring fans closer to their idols, to make money, to crystallise and further strengthen… Continue reading

movies and the websites who care

Dear websites that document movies/ movies that document real life, I am so thankful for everything. Movies are surreal. I have always wondered if movies are a valid extension of our imagination or… Continue reading

A Magazine Asked, “Will They Survive The 70’s”


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One of Nirvana’s best performances… and it’s not one of their original songs… it’s a cover of the Leadbelly blues song “Where Did You Sleep Last…