the same kinda bloggin’

Dear other blogs inspired by the notion of the 4eva 27 club,

May I start off by saying that you and I am are not so different as first impressions may suggest. First of all, the foundation of our blogs radiate the weary and wondrous nostalgia of musicians who almost lived. Second of all, our blogs tell a story. Third of all, our blogs function as heart beats that not only keep 4eva 27 alive, they communicates the extremity, sensitivity and insanity manifested in human nature. We are not so different as first impressions may suggest.

Nonetheless, each blog is distinguished. Each blog dedicates, preserves, illustrates and emulates what they believe in, with a flavour of their own.


As a blogging community, tumblr is an attractive platform to blog about whatever you want. It’s free and easy to use. Undeniably there is a high saturation of images, prompting viewers to perceive tumblr as a photographic oasis. In relation to the tumblr of “Forever 27 Club”, it is evident that the blog is solely created “to remember”. In comparison, my blog mirrors ideas of the same calibre. Most importantly, it is a social commentary on how the Forever 27 club exemplifies victims of social issues like temptation, peer pressure, exhaustion and unrealistic escapism.

Through the collection of polaroids, snapshots of interviews and montages of the musician, the tumblr blog captures the consequences brilliant people are capable of committing. A general theme of the blog is Brian Jones who initiated the Rolling Stones but did not live to the glory and success of his band.

In contrast, my blog endeavours to reiterate similar ideas through the instrument of words.

Underlying this blog is the devastating reality concerning people with potential who allowed themselves to go to waste. However, this blog is not the same as mine in one respect. I say more. I write more. I ask my audience to consider how the 27 club is a reflection of society’s inability to grasp the power of dreams come true. 


Defining themselves as the “definitive exploration” into the forever 27 club phenomenon, is a cocoon of up to date news, interviews, reviews and segments. As a knowledge based entertainment blog, invites the reader to consider the Forever Club 27 from a different, more empathetic perspective. Likewise my blog wants encourages the reader to ask questions, to avoid making the same mistakes and to appreciate how history has crystallised the forever 27 club as a lesson for us all.

Scrolling through the page I am rather impressed by the diverse and very relevant pieces. It seems that the creators of this blog have endeavoured to source fellow directors, artists, writers and creative minds alike who have produced work in the aftermath of the forever 27 club. For example there is an independent director called Scott Rosenbaum who made a recently made a movie called “The Perfect Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll” due for release in some cinemas in Los Angeles and New York.

PositivtyFurthermore the blog interviews a dynamic band who call themselves, “The Forever 27 Club”. Unsurprisingly enough, their influence is best captured in Jim Morrison’s quote: ” “Each generation wants new symbols, new people, new names. They want to divorce themselves from their predecessors”.

Most significantly, it is refreshing to see that this blog has more depth and substance due to the fact that it does not consist of bleak photos. Instead the extent of research is evident in critiquing the memoir of Janis Joplin published by National Public Radio. Additionally, the blog provides a solid analysis on the inequality of gender stereotypes in which ambitious rockstars like Janis Joplin herself, had to overcome. Likewise, my blog will also discuss the power play that existed between men and women in their musical conquests.