Social Media.

If you were a person, I would imagine you to have exquisite facial hair and a whole lot of knowledge.

Social media I commend you for all that you have done.

Firstly my relationship with you is a positive and fatalistic one. Facebook is my second home. Tumblr is my third. Pinterest is personal scrapbook. Blogging sites are undoubtedly the most soulful and easily makes me feel intelligent, even if that is not always the case.

Social media, you have given this generation what we have always had, yet somehow did not grasp the magnitude of. You have given us a wings with words. You have redefined space and time and possibility. Above all, you have given us a voice. You have given me a voice.

Imagine if you didn’t exist!? How on earth could I have developed the legacy of dead musicians into a social commentary about the importance that society holds of being famous/ worthy/ normal/ abnormal/ different/ indifferent/ wonderful/ strange/ alone/ 27.

Despite the fact that you have bombarded us with so much relevant and irrelevant information, the two of us have embraced each other’s company quite adequately. I won’t lie. Without you, I know I would be unable to express the convictions relating to ideals that stem from the legacy of the Forever 27 club. Without you, I would not be able to communicate to people who read or care, about ordinary and extraordinary people in this world. With you, sentimental value is restored to the humanity of the Forever 27 club. It has a place here and there and here and there.

Social media, thankyou.