the hendrix attire.





the hendrix attire.





Fashion is a form of escapism, an art and an elixir of creative ingenuity to tell that world that this is what I am, what I like, what I want to be acknowledged as. Loathed or loved, musicians circa 60s/70s dictated the principles of style fever.

Fashion is fearless. If it isn’t it, should be.

At least that’s what I’ve learnt from all the Jimi!

More importantly, fashion blogs, galleries and websites that exhibit the remnants of the fashion of the past, is just so damn helpful. We are presently capable of emulating stylish ensembles of legendary people themselves, even if we can’t be them. We are blessed with the technology and accessibility to vast collections of online fashion bibles. How splendid it is to live in the 21st century. How lovely it is to be captivated by online diaries and time capsules, containing people who inspire us to dress well and have a good time. How lovely. How splendid.

In pure tradition of Generation Y, we relentlessly unearth fashion icons who never grow old in our hearts.

Here are some links which exemplify the enduring impact of some members belonging to the FOREVER 27 CLUB.


In “College Fashion”- Janice Joplin reigns the list. She is the style Queen our writer reiterates as underrated and unforgettable. Overall the article reminisces Joplin with a tenderness and big respect for her integrity towards what fashion was becoming.


Vogue Spain’s 2012 February issue featured supermodel Anja Rubik in decadent pieces inspired solely by Jimi Hendrix himself. It’s oh so dreamy, androgynous, sensuous and bohemian. Under all that woman, Jimi’s soul dazzles.


Kurt. Grunge. Cobain. Kurt is included in the top 100 most fashionably influential people of all the time we have known. He probably didn’t care about what he wore. It’s kinda funny that some of us just care so, so much that “Grunge” has morphed into a recognised genre of music, aswell as a way to dress and feel. Kurt. Grunge. Cobain. Oh, on an aesthetic level, it’s such an outrageously rad formula.

Long live the forever 27 club.

We’ll probably never know you them well enough, but we still look up to them to look and be and do just like they did.