(Amy W. interview after her first album release)


I think it’s so awfully crucial to be satisfied, to be reasonable, to be comfortable and to be content, as long as we also have integrity.


Amy Winehouse looks so beautiful, woman and wholesome in this interview. At the beginning of her career, people were mesmerised by how strange she was. She didn’t strive to become a Hollywood bombshell. She didn’t mind if people didn’t like her. I think she didn’t mind because she was content with who she was. One may argue that her content had morphed into something reckless and self-destructive. I don’t agree. I think being content has nothing to do with suffering, hurt, loneliness and desperation. Other, more horrible reasons can justify what happened.

If anything, being content is an undermined and underrated and misunderstood version of happiness.

Nevertheless, this impressionistic and pure attitude exhibited in this interview serves as a reminder to the young generation to listen to what Amy said, and to “create something” that you could be proud of. Amy said that even if she wasn’t alive tomorrow, she would be okay with it because she felt that she had made a “contribution”. Also she is delighted by the idea of performing live gigs because of the ‘adrenaline’. I can reassure everyone that Amy is so, so, so perfect live… (As opposed to some other artists whose music abilities are totally demolished when they sing before an audience) Unlike Amy, some people just can’t sing live. Unlike Amy, noone will never understand why the charming girl with the old soul, feline eyes, vivacious laugh, pearly black hair and timelessness claimed in the interview that her idea of perfect happiness was:

“Being with someone who you love and knowing that you don’t have to go anywhere for work, like you’ve got a week off or something.”

Amy radiates with an appreciation for being someone who cares about what they can give and share in the form of whatever it is. I think it’s good to consider the simplistic things she claims in the interview.


Ps; here’s a positive article about Amy from the online version of “The Age”.

“I want people to hear my voice for 5 minutes and forget all their troubles”

Likewise NOVA FM also included a combination of celebrities like Adele and Russell Brand who wrote open letters that echo the sharpness, talent and understated beauty of Amy Winehouse.