movies and the websites who care

Dear websites that document movies/ movies that document real life,

I am so thankful for everything.

Movies are surreal. I have always wondered if movies are a valid extension of our imagination or if it is too fabricated, too tainted, too scripted, too structured or too much. I don’t know. I should just watch a movie. Oh reader, when I like a movie, I like it too much.

With the help of websites like IMDB, my anxieties are demystified. I think film reviews can relevant and resourceful.  Thank God. You know what.. When it comes to extremely well made films about rock n’ roll, I don’t care if it’s too this and too that. I want to watch it over and over and over again. My l.o.v.e for a number of movies is comparable to that of an eternal and blissful holy matrimony.

I love how inspired, revolted, enamoured and hurt a movie can make me feel. 

There is a sensationalised and truthful nature about film that demands recognition. In particular, there are a number of websites that all present their own perspective about one of the best rock n’ roll films of this generation. These websites keep the history of films alive by facilitating meaningful discussion between people. Perspectives are shared. Bloopers are identified. Actors are criticised.

#1: “Almost Famous”: 


It’s possible that one of the most memorable quotes from this movie is the one by Billy Crudup: “Real feeling, real people, that’s it. That’s all I’m interested in from here on out”. Director Cameron Crowe created a movie that resonated with the optimism and recklessness and fearlessness of the rockers who lived in the 1970s. Almost Famous charts the glory days of a band called “Still Water”, comparable to the Rolling Stone and The Eagles. Drug, sex, rock n’ roll, groupies (band aids), leaving your small town, coming to a big town, never staying in one place, never being with one person, singing for those who care, caring for those who don’t, overcoming struggle, ignoring struggle, loving your band and loving noone at all. Almost Famous is so, so good.



IMDB is easily one the most popular movie databases in the history of this tech savvy age. Easy to understand and easy to navigate, I can’t get enough. Maybe it’s the friendly yellow logo. Maybe it’s the fact that IMDB is extremely consumer orientated, not intimidating and reliable. It’s all about the votes and the reviews of the people. Damn right that from 130,000 plus votes from the general public, the rating is 7.9 and borderline 8, which is quite impressive in the IMDB world. I also really am fond of the “quotes” and “bloopers” section. I guess I have too much time on my hands to care about every single detail of a film I like, but it’s good to educate yourself about the things you like.



Notoriously for being abusive and honest to the bone, rotten tomatoes is the overtly critical friend you probably all have. Once again, Almost Famous shines with 88 percent !!! User ratings have contributed to this figure, thus validating how golden this movie is. Being cynical is its’ forte. However the “tomatometre” is pretty bloody endearing. A comparison between “fresh” votes VS “rotten” votes are inclusive too to show how awful or wonderful a film is. Also they have chunky yet cute lists of top dvd rentals, top movies, worst movies. OH I LIKE I LIKE! Everything else is quite basic for the technologically limited individual like myself. It seems rotten tomatoes doesn’t take any movie too seriously. Refreshing. Juicy. Cruel.