Fashion and the Music Industry: policies/ expectations/terms and conditions

I am comparing the music and fashion based on reasons we probably already know but accidentally forget to remember.

The world would be stagnant in the absence of fashion and music. The world would always be longing for, waiting for, thinking of and dreaming of magic itself. Music and fashion, fashion and music is magical. It is strange. It is spell-binding. It is revolting. It is enigmatic. It is cruel. It is too little. It is too much. Music and fashion have facilitated the careers of a few people whose art-form is worth pondering about.

Can policies, expectations, terms and conditions of the fashion or music world be overcome?

1) Recently, during the spring of Melbourne Spring Fashion week, I went to watch a documentary called something along the lines of ‘fashion for the ages’: it crystallised the lives of four very important fashion designers in Paris circa 1980s. Their performance for the fashion world was unprecedented. People didn’t know what to do. All there was to do was to do was to look and find out. They were brilliant and revered. They were strange yet sensationalised. Montana, Gaultier, Mugler and Alaia fashion content was unlike no other. It was refreshing. It was mind-blowing. It was all that I ever, ever imagine fashion use to be and would be again. What I noticed was that stardom and success had a set of invisible policies that taunted those subject to it.

Firstly fashion designers and artists are expected to be role models. Any unusual behaviour is criticised before it is celebrated. Secondly, there is a time limit of how long one can consume fame for. I consider fame to be like a temporary utopia, a non-lifetime pass to a Neverland, a wonderland and heaven. People go in. People go out. Some are the same. Some come out as different people. Some don’t come out at all. They have this time that isn’t real time. It’s a time bomb. Thirdly, fashion and music can be tiring. This does not refute my belief that fashion and music can transform you into someone who can change, mesmerise, help and empower.

The documentary hurt me because I wanted to see all four designers thrive. I wanted to see their reign go on and go and go. In the same way that music lovers feel about their favourite singers and bands. I am certain that there are fans who wanted to see the Doors, Nirvana, Jimi, Janice and Amy thrive and endure. The documentary broke my heart because Thierry Mugler said: “I always knew I was going to be successful because I suffered alot”. He said that in 1983. Thierry no longer wants any association or affiliation with the wonderful fashion house he created. Montana’s wife died and he lost interest. The people felt the same. Alaia turned into a recluse. He still makes his own dresses. He still does it all, but he is isolated from the mainstream sphere of fashion. Alaia doesn’t long to join in the evolution of fashion. He just evolves on his own terms. It is only, only, only Gaultier who has persevered.

Can these policies, expectations, terms and conditions of the fashion or music world be overcome?

Here’s an example of one of Thierry’s fashion shows:

Unlike the other three designers, Thierry has a “tumblr” devoted to him. As an avid user of tumblr myself, I found one blog, heavy in images yet reminiscent of the glory and surrealism of a wonderful fashion house Thierry Mugler had given birth to.

I also like how the blog compares the modern day collections of Mugler (designed by a different designer) to the days of the 80s when Mugler made an such an impact. It’s fascinating and confronting to see the contrast. It’s not abnormal for designers to sell their fashion houses off. It just intrigues me if someone elses’ artistic direction has the ability to maintain the spirit of it all.


(Claude Montana and his designs)


The Montana Fashion house still exists. As of recently, celebrities and other significant individuals alike now have their own ‘facebook page’. To some, it is more personalised. To some, it is almost as if you have the actual person on facebook. Through the establishment of a facebook page, Montana fans are able to subscribe to the latest news, connect with the page and enter the competitions generally offered by the Montana entity.