fame, time and montages

Some famous romances can captivate the world. Paparazzi are paid to stalk them. People buy magazines to own a part of them. People become enamoured. People become obsessed. This is how it is. This is how it has always been. The presence of a beautiful couple is magnetic and enchanting and inevitable. They are everywhere. The presence of an unusual couple is questioned and fascinating. Although it is rare for two famous people to last and love for a very long time, we don’t forget them. We don’t. We can’t. We don’t. Some famous romances can captivate the world. I wonder if it possible to love if you are famous. I study the photographs in montages very carefully. I look at the body language. I look at the way Kurt looks at Courtney. I question how pure Jim’s love for Pam was. I look, look, look. I think, think, think. Montages are so sentimental.

Pivotal to this discussion concerning fame and time and montages with the realm of YouTube. A social media outlet like YouTube has the tools to manipulate time. In the countless creations of “montages”, past romances are able to travel through time. They are crystallised into the present. Most of the time, montages made about particular couples like Kurt Cobain and Courtney, Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson, and somewhat recently, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss are sweet. These montages are made out of love. Such beautiful, beautiful couples!

Montages can trick us all into thinking that these romances are timeless. Montages can trick us into thinking that these romances have not ended. Montages are a series of photos, coupled with sweet music to depict the romances envied by all. Men wanted to be Johnny. Women wanted to be Pamela. Women wanted to be with Kurt. Women wanted to be with Jim. A person who adores a particular couple can be transfixed by the montages even if they have seen the photos before. The audience look at the pictures and they long. They long to be a part of such a romance. Well I do. Other girls do too and there are alot of girls in this world.

There is a reason why these montages generally attain thousands of views. Nevertheless, montages ignore the temporary and tumultuous natures of some of these affairs. Montages ignore reality. Montages ignore facts. Above all, montages ignore time.

Here are a number of popular montages. What they all have in common is that they are simple, have limited special effects, not hindered by heavy fabrication and is intriguing to watch. The people who make them love a thing too much to forget it completely.

Here are a few montages exclusively on Youtube:

Kurt (Nirvana) and Courtney


Jim (The Doors) and Pam


Johnny (Actor- Blow) and Kate


In a similar fashion, there is a blog that I am particular fond of. It’s called “old loves”. Pictures of famous couples who use be couples are submitted by fans and the creator themselves. Essentially it’s a blog that proves that there are a number of couples who were never, never meant to be. Worth a look.