The Number 27


When you think about it, in our world everything is based on numbers. They are involved at a base level in the creation and construction of… everything. Certain numbers have a special significance, sometimes just to individuals for various reasons, and other times in a more mystical way. Most people have a favourite or lucky number. For most of us its just a number we are drawn to by some impulse, without knowing why.

My ‘special’ number is 27.

For starters, I was born on that day in the third month, three being the original magic number and three-to-the-power-of three (3 x 3 x 3) giving a total of 27. I was born and raised in house number nine (3 x 3), then moved to another number nine. Nine divided by three is three, three nines are 27.

Elsewhere, my football team, Cardiff City, won the FA Cup for the…

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