jean shrimpton, I feel the same about fame, but I’m not famous.

An iconic figure of the fashion world is Jean Shrimpton. She is reminiscent of the swinging 60s and being responsible for introducing the mini skirt to Australia those many years ago at the Melbourne Cup. As the first super model, a muse, a woman of Vogue and all things timeless, Jean decided to leave it all behind after a decade. She has chosen to be ordinary and a recluse. She is happy. In a 2011 interview, Jean said some very profound comments that applies to the world of fame.

“Fashion is full of dark, troubled people…It’s a high-pressured environment that takes its toll and burns people out. Only the shrewd survive – Andy Warhol, for example, and David Bailey.”

“It’s hypocritical to pretend that fashion is normal, that people in it are role models. And it’s stupid to deny that people behave badly.”

Again, as I have discussed before. People in the fashion and music world are expected to be subhuman and flawless. It’s strange. Oh so strange.

Jean, I feel the same about fame but I’m not famous. Not yet.