The forever 27 club: This blog is a fusion of a social commentary about fame and the significance of communication and technology in giving the past a place in the modern world

There are ten questions the Forever 27 club blog is built upon:

1. A social commentary about why we adore rockstars oh so much: what is it about their appeal, life and early death that has a timeless quality? Members of the forever 27 club including Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison are remembered with profound sadness.

2. Social networking gives life to the forever 27 club: websites, blogs, and youtube; I will explore how different outlets of media have been imminent to the preservation of the rockstars who were alive in circa 1970s. Blogs, reviews, books and youtube are all important tools! Yes yes?

3. Can fame to be a blessing or a curse? What are the sacrifices and expectations involved with fame in the music and fashion industry?

4. In my blog,I want to remember Kurt, Amy, Janice, Jim and Jimi dearly: don’t you?

5. Besides being famous, living luxurious lives, attaining cult followings and sharing their wondrous music, these people were ordinary human beings too. We forget that: don’t we?